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There are many ways to achieve a comfortable level of overall illumination inside or outdoors.

Accent Lighting – Direct higher light levels onto artwork, sculpture, special items, or spotlight trees, foliage, walls or a fireplace, to add drama and interest. Use directional wall, ceiling, landscape and recessed fittings.

Use The Right Lamp – Enhance your lighting by fitting candle shaped bulbs in traditional designs and globes or tubular bulbs in contemporary styles. For best effect, use clear bulbs with crystal, clear or other transparent colours. Use frosted or coated lamps with opal, etched or other translucent glass shades or diffusers.

LED and Halogen lamps are more energy efficient than normal incandescent lamps and in addition, they last longer. Their brilliant white light retains its colour and power to the end. These lamps come in various sizes, wattages, beams and colours. LV downlights direct light in either wide or narrow beams and can be used to produce general back ground lighting, or accentuate specific areas or objects.


Use recessed fittings, evenly spaced, to give maximum lighting. Use fluorescent or incandescent fittings for general illumination. For task and under-cabinet lighting use LED’s or Halogens. Install pendants over island counters and dining tables.
Dining Room
Chandeliers or pendants provide abundant overall illumination. Install 30” above the table to allow headroom when standing. Diameter of fixture should be 12” less than width of table. Matching wall brackets or recessed downlights add accept sparkle. Light up the shelves of a display cabinet and highlight that special feature with a picture light or directional spot.
Bath And Mirror lights shadow less and diffused abundant light levels are needed for shaving, grooming and applying make-up. New halogens and led units offer generous pure white light. Mount items on both sides and on top of the mirror. Use a ceiling fixture or spots for overall illumination.
Entrance foyer & Hallway
Use a flush ceiling item or pendant for general lighting to welcome guests.
To prevent accidents, stairs should be lit top to bottom, with switches at both places. Install step lights to enhance
Front Entrance
Welcome your guests and identify strangers with generous levels of light at the front door. These should be movement automated with override switches inside.
For both security and safety, light up steps, driveways and grounds. Enjoy and enhance your property and garden at night with lighting to highlight trees, shrubs and flowers.
Use matching lanterns on the outside of garage doors or overhead automated energy saving lighting.

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